Sunday, October 7, 2007

Cash Lagoon Proof of Payment

I wanted to prove that CashLagoon pays so I cashed out early. Here's proof they pay!

I'm showing proof of two times that they've paid me. You can see one for $40 and one for $10 here.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

A. W. Surveys

This site is great!! Easy way to make money! Many people doubt that AW Surveys is real. But it does pay and it is legit. They are VERY good at catching people trying to cheat their systems, so don't sign up under yourself as a referral to get more money. You earn $6 just for signing up! Within the first few minutes you will earn $27 at the least. Payout is high at $75 but it isn't hard to reach!

Friday, October 5, 2007


Try this one: one you can view 30 second ads and get paid .01 to $1.00 for every one. It's a great way to get paid by just being on the computer. New Ads are posted everyday and usually several times a day. So keep checking it once you run out! There is an option to upgrade to a "premium" membership account to get more daily ads. I did do this and initially you get about 500 ads to click on. After that you may get an additional 20 or 25 ads a day to click on (in addition to the non premium ads). It's $10 to upgrade but you will easily earn that back within the first couple weeks or days...depending on how much you can click! The free version is just fine too and you will earn money that way.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Disposable Email Addresses and Free Voice Mail

Let me guess, you don't want to create a bunch of emails using your information just for junk email? Then don't! This is a great website that allows you to use an email generated by them, or edited by you, that only lasts until you close the window.

This allows you to have a new email address for literally every offer without having to go through the hassle of creating an new account!

Also, I'm sure you don't want advertisers calling your home and bugging you. It's annoying and I hate it!! Netzero created a free voicemail system that allows you to choose your area code. They then give you a real phone number. When advertisers call it goes directly to this line. It's free and it's all on the computer. You don't even have to check your messages if you don't want to!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cash Crate

Cash Crate is a PTC site where you earn money by clicking on ads. A company pays Cash Crate to list ads. We click on those ads. Cash Crate pays us for clicking on those ads. Simple process that we can easily benefit from! Payout is only $10! Very easy to earn $10 immediately after signing up!

Cash Lagoon

Cash Lagoon uses paypal payments in 24 hours or less! Similar to Treasure Trooper and very easy to make free money! Very easy approval rates. Many offers available. While most sites have a $20 or more minimum payout Cash Lagoon has only a $5 minimum payout! Earn that easy in less than 5 minutes!

Cash Lagoon